Choosing an electric comb binding machine you need

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Electric comb binding machines have many features and prices ranging in price from a few hundred dollars all the way up to a few thousand. When in doubt, select a machine that can handle more pages than you think you will need. Quality electric comb binding machines are not constructed of plastic; they are made of metal. Disengageable dies allow you to choose which pins will punch and which will not. In addition to varying punch length capabilities, machines also vary in the amount of paper they can punch at a time. This will enhance productivity and result in a high quality finished presentation. Metal machines provide higher quality binding over a longer period of time and require less maintenance. If you use the foot pedal, you can use both of your hands to manipulate the document while activating the punch with your foot. When choosing an electric comb binding machine you need to Glove Knitting Machine carefully consider your needs and the options available before finalizing your purchase. Comb binding machines are also available with disengageable dies. Some pieces of equipment are designed to accommodate documents over 11" long. Margins punched too close to the edge will result in pages that rip out easily. Typical warranties for electric comb binding machines range from 90 days to two years. Read warranty information carefully as some are for repairs only and others are for a full replacement. Electric machines come with two types of punch activators, foot pedals and push buttons. If the holes are too far from the edge the pages will not turn freely. For legal documents, you will need a machine designed for legal paper or that has an open throat and disengageable dies. While the push button sounds like it might be easier to use, it is actually harder because you have to manipulate the document while also trying to punch the button. Understanding the various features of comb binding machines will help you decide how to select the perfect electric comb binding machine for your business. Article Tags: Electric Comb Binding, Comb Binding Machine, Comb Binding Machines, Electric Comb, Comb Binding, Binding Machine, Binding Machines, Disengageable Dies Punch margins are important because they play a critical role in allowing pages to turn freely.If you've decided to buy an electric comb binding machine but aren't sure which model is right for you, this article is for you. Another way high quality machines let you customize your documents is through changing punch margins. Smaller machines punch only a few pages at once while others can punch up to thirty pages. With the wide range of features and prices available, you should have no problem finding one that's perfect for your office. As with all machine purchases, you want to be covered in the event of malfunction. Plastic machines are better suited to low binding volumes. A machine with disengageable dies is a must if you will need to bind half size, landscape, or A4 documents. You can choose the amount of space between the paper's edge and the holes through which the comb binding will go. Just consider some of these features and you should be on the right track. Choosing which pins punch allows you to bind smaller documents while maintaining a professional look with no holes running off the end of the page.

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