The solid wooden design of the padded lap tray means

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Lap Trays have been around for generations with thousands used every year mainly for eating your dinner from in front of the television. Laptop Lap Trays As well as being used for food and drink, laptops can also benefits as heat from the laptop can also be unpleasant and laptops enjoy sitting on a flat surface. Lap trays provide an alternative to this with a way of eating your food without the need for a table. Below are some great benefits of the lap tray, which will show you why they have become so popular. Lap trays provide a solid surface so the food is easily kept on the plate and Hand Glove Knitting Machine eating is made a lot easier. Popular designs include Simpsons and Superman padded lap trays, along with Pet and Cupcake bean bag trays. Space Saving Device With one and two bedroom flats becoming more and more popular, living areas are becoming smaller and the need for a dining room table has reduced. To find out more about our full range of lap trays and gift ideas, please visit our website or contact our friendly sales team. It is also perfect for craft work such as making model aeroplanes and knitting. Relief for Your Legs Hot food on plates can be really painful on your legs and can even burn them. Perfect for Writing and Craft Making The solid wooden design of the padded lap tray means that it is ideal for a whole host of other tasks such as writing and games. With the lap tray, mess can be wiped off easily with a lot less chance of making mess on your sofa or yourself. Many people haven't embraced lap trays as many sometimes don't quite understand the true qualities of the product. At Hiccup Gifts we offer a selection of trays from Superman padded lap trays to kitten lap trays, which is an ideal gift for the whole family. Lap trays take away this heat and the padding underneath makes it even more comfortable. Keeping It Clean When eating food on your lap it can become quite messy with food slipping off the plate onto yourself or the sofa. Lap Trays Ensure Steady Eating When eating your dinner in the lounge it can be very difficult to keep the plate steady when it's balancing on your legs. Unique Lap Tray Designs There is a wide range of laptop tray designs to choose from so you can have your own individual lap tray.

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